LLBG Solidarity Fund for Ukraine

LLBG has set up a Solidarity Fund to help Ukrainian refugees in Belgium and Eastern Europe with their most urgent needs, such as housing, clothing, food and basic medical care.

We are doing this by providing financial and material donations to organizations, both large and small. 


The LLBG Solidarity Fund is managed by the King Baudouin Foundation, which carries out research into the aid organizations we wish to support and transfers the financial aid to these organizations. LLBG has transferred an initial sum of €100,000 into the fund, which will be gifted to aid organizations in Belgium and abroad.

​​​​​​​The LLBG Solidarity Fund is up and running, and has provided financial support to several humanitarian organizations helping the victims of the disaster in Ukraine:


  • The organization of summer camps for Ukrainian refugees in Belgium through the non-profit organization Habbekrats.
  • Food and clothing distribution to Ukrainian refugees through the non-profit organization In Tacte


  • Humanitarian aid, including food and other forms of support, to Ukrainian refugees in Poland through the Polish Humanitarian Action.


  • Support to Hospitallers, a volunteer organization of paramedics in Ukraine providing first aid, home medical care, and evacuation of wounded Ukrainian soldiers.


  • Refugee assistance in Hungary and at the Ukrainian-Hungarian border, with a focus on helping Ukrainian children through the Maltese Charity Service.

Czech Republic

With financial support of the LLBG Solidarity Fund, LLBG Czech Republic set up a kindergarden for Ukrainian refugees. 15 children are currently attending the kindergarden, including 7 Ukrainian children of LLBG employees and 8 Ukrainian children from refugees living in the area.

The children are offered quality education, while also learning the Czech language and adapting to a different cultural environment. The aim of the project is to normalize their stay in the Czech Republic as fast as possible, enabling the Ukrainian children to start regular kindergarden or school in the Czech Republic once they are ready to do so. The children are supported by Czech and Ukrainian teachers and psychologists.

Besides hard work, there is also a focus on fun and playing outdoor: with summer coming up, the children have a lot of day trips and activities planned – including roasting sausages over an open fire, a traditional summer activity in the Czech Republic!


LLBG is also supporting Ukrainian refugees by donating bakery products to aid organizations in Belgium and abroad. Our colleagues have also held numerous collection campaigns and are helping to find work and accommodation for Ukrainian refugees. 


  • Collection campaign throughout all LLBG offices and production plants: more than 100 boxes!
  • Donation of products: 60 pallets of butter sandwiches to food banks & viennoiserie products to refugees
  • Panos sold donuts & donated all revenue to victims of the war in Ukraine


  • Support to Ukrainian employees: accommodation and employment
  • Donation of bread to refugee camps and local government
  • Collection of goods for local humanitarian organizations and primary schools

Czech Republic

  • Employee collection campaign: 500 kg of food, 34 boxes of clothes, 405 pieces of hygienic products
  • Employee financial collection: more than 60.000 CZK, used for donations to Ukrainian employees
  • Accommodation of more than 80 refugees


  • Support to Ukrainian employees: accommodation and employment
  • Financial donation to Maltese Charity Service



Kindergarden Czech Republic

Want to contribute?

Would you like to contribute to the LLBG Solidarity Fund for Ukraine? The fund welcomes donations from third parties that want to support its aim.

You can do this by transferring your donation to account number BE10 0000 0000 0404 (BIC: BPOTBEB1), with reference “L40000- Filantropische Actie La Lorraine Bakery Group” or the structured code +++623/3715/10012+++. The King Baudouin Foundation provides a tax certificate for all donations of €40 and above.
Want to contribute?