Our corporate responsability

LLBG is strongly committed to take its corporate responsibility for the environment and for society. By striving for a healthier nutrition, reducing impact on the climate wherever we can, respecting nature's precious resources and investing in sustainable packaging. We do all we can to meet today’s needs in a sustainable way, always with our future generations in mind.

Sustainability report

In November 2020, La Lorraine Bakery Group published its first Group Sustainability Report. It complements our financial reporting with non-financial information, more specifically the social, environmental and economic aspects of sustainability important to La Lorraine Bakery Group and its stakeholders.

This document covers 2019 mainly, and when available we included intermediate ytd 2020 figures. We intend to publish a sustainability report at least every two years, in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards, Core level.


Respect for the 3 P's

We believe that respect for People, Product & Planet are the building blocks for sustainable growth and success, naturally leading to
our 4th P: Profit.


• Promote employees’ vitality & well-being

• Embrace diversity and give chances

• Create trust, listen & appreciate

• Be honest & fair


• Product quality first

• Embrace consumer well-being perspective

• Product integrity – full transparency, as natural & clean as possible


• Respect natural resources

• Minimize waste & improve ecological footprint

• Transform planet challenges into innovation

"LLBG is growing fast, without losing
our people, our products and our planet out of sight. We want to become a bigger, but above all, a better company.”


Guido Vanherpe, CEO La Lorraine Bakery Group