Thank you, #BakeryHeroes!

As a food company, LLBG has a huge societal responsibility during the corona crisis to keep on producing bread and providing basic food to the people. We couldn’t do this without our strong teams at LLBG, especially our production workers who are present every day in our bakeries. For several weeks in a row, we’ve put them in the spotlights with our #BakeryHeroes campaign!

Unique, interesting, honest

For weeks in a row during the first Spring lockdown, we told different stories of our numerous #BakeryHeroes on our internal and external communication channels. In the ‘Easter’ edition for example, we took a closer look at our Belgian bakeries who produced special easter cakes & pastry. For the ‘International’ edition, we contacted our colleagues of La Lorraine Poland, Turkey and the Czech Republic. And what if… you had to retire or start a new job at LLBG in the middle of the lockdown? Each and every story was unique, interesting and honest.
Unique, interesting, honest

Watch our #BakeryHeroes song video

It even inspired us to create our own ‘Bakery Heroes’ song. Dozens of enthusiastic LLBG co-workers gave the best of themselves in our remake of the famous ‘Restos du coeur’ song. Restos du Coeur is a good cause of social restaurants for the poor. It was the beginning of a nice cooperation, since we donate products to them on a regular basis.