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8 May 2020Launch of an exclusive bread made with Leffe Blond or Leffe Brown

Brussels – Three Belgian companies have decided to join forces for a new solidarity project in this time of crisis. Delhaize, La Lorraine Bakery Group and AB InBev jointly developed two exclusive breads made with Leffe Blond and Leffe Bruin. For every five loaves sold in the Delhaize stores, the three brands will donate a family loaf (800g) to the Belgian Food Banks, who need it more than ever during this corona crisis.

In these difficult times, solidarity is more important than ever. That is why three Belgian companies have decided to work together on a project full of meaning... and beer!

Delhaize, La Lorraine Bakery Group and AB InBev join forces to offer Belgians the first bread "à la Leffe". In times when donations of food and drinks are limited due to less unsold goods in the shops, it is important to find a solution to support these organizations more than ever.

"For many years, Delhaize has organized a large annual food collection for the benefit of the 9 Food Banks and their 618 affiliated local associations that distribute free food to the more than 170,000 people in need. We wanted to strengthen this support at this particular time through this project", explains Charlotte De Vroey, Head of Sustainability at Delhaize.
“Launch of an exclusive bread made with Leffe Blond
or Leffe Brown. For every 5 loaves of bread sold at Delhaize, 1 loaf is donated to the Food Banks.”   

Delhaize, La Lorraine Bakery Group and AB InBev have therefore developed 2 new loaves, where beer replaces the water in the list of ingredients. In addition, the three Belgian companies undertake to donate 1 family loaf to the Food Banks for every 5 loaves sold. Emma Pieters, Senior Brand Manager AB InBev BeLux: "Due to the temporary closure of the cafes and restaurants, we have thought about a creative solution for our Leffe barrels that are still in our stock. Based on our strong abbey tradition, Leffe is happy to support charities where we can and do something in return for society. Thanks to this beautiful and creative collaboration between AB InBev, Delhaize and La Lorraine, we are able - by donating free loaves of bread to the Food Banks - to help the most vulnerable in our society." 

These two breads (Leffe Blond bread and Leffe Brown multigrain bread) are baked in the traditional way with pure and Belgian ingredients in one of La Lorraine's workshops in Belgium. "For La Lorraine Bakery Group, reducing food waste is an absolute priority in our sustainability strategy", says Guido Vanherpe, CEO of La Lorraine Bakery Group. “When AB InBev let us know that they were looking for a destination for the Leffe that was unused due to the closure of the catering industry, we immediately explored the idea of using the beer to make bread! A traditional and local bread, a unique recipe developed and passionately made by our local bakers in Barchon, with Belgian flour and an emblematic Belgian beer, sold in the Belgian Delhaize supermarkets. But also a bread with a message: we want to help people who are struggling in this crisis and for whom their daily bread means a lot. That's why we also donate family breads to the Food Banks as part of this campaign.”

Jozef Mottar, managing director of the Belgian Federation of Food Banks, reacts enthusiastically: "On behalf of the Belgian Food Banks, the 618 affiliated local associations, the thousands of volunteers and all the people who call on free food aid, I would like to sincerely thank Delhaize, La Lorraine Bakery Group and AB Inbev for this beautiful action. Since bread is an important basic product for everyone, the initiative to support us in the noble cause that is ours can only be applauded. This beautiful gesture of solidarity is heartwarming and motivates us even more to continue our efforts in the fight against hunger in our country, which is unfortunately increasing in this corona virus crisis."

The two Leffe loaves will be clearly recognizable by a wafer with the Leffe logo that can be found on the fresh loaves in the bakery department. Customers who want to show their generosity and support this solidarity initiative can find these loaves in the Delhaize stores from Thursday May 7 at a price of 2.29 euros.

26 December 2019LLBG unites brands under one flag at food fair

For the first time, La Lorraine Bakery Group united several of its brands at a food fair. Instead of separate booths for La Lorraine, Panesco and Donut Worry Be Happy, we created a common booth with LLBG logo and colors. The new design was successfully launched at Anuga in Cologne (October), and afterwards during Horeca Expo in Ghent (November).

192 m² big

The LLBG booth at Horeca Expo was 192 m² big and was situated, like every year, right near the main entrance of the fair. For five days long, the LLBG team of sales managers, chefs and catering welcomed (potential) customers. They also presented about 40 new products, such as our new biological bread and American pancakes. But our statement piece was without a doubt the donut wall with 188 colorful donuts of our brand Donut Worry Be Happy!


5 December 2019LLBG donates to youth organization Habbekrats during movie night

During the 8th edition of the annual movie night by youth organisation Habbekrats, La Lorraine Bakery Group handed over a cheque of 10,000 euro. LLBG has been a loyal sponsor for years and this year also, General Coordinator Chris Van Lysebetten received a great amount to help Habbekrats realize the dreams of thousands of youngsters.
The movie night took place on Wednesday 20 November in movie theatre Kinepolis Gent. Hundreds of guests and partners of Habbekrats attended the avant-premiere of the movie ‘The Good Liar’. Among them were about 25 LLBG-employees. The appetizers provided by our brands ‘Panos’ and ‘Tarte à moi’ were well appreciated!

What is Habbekrats?

Habbekrats is a youth organization which supports children and youngsters from the age of 8 up to 18 all over Belgium. It offers them shelter, warmth, friendship and adventure. Habbekrats has established a total of 13 welcoming houses where annually more than 2,500 kids and youngsters come together. 80 days a year they also organize youth camps.
Interested in further information on this promising project?


8 July 2019La Lorraine Turkey wins the “Superior Taste Award” for every participating product.

Since 2005, the Taste Institute has assessed over 15,000 food and beverage products from around the world.
The jury of prestigious Chefs & Sommeliers and the strict testing methodology has contributed to the Superior Taste Award, the most renowned independent certification in the world, based 100% on TASTE.

Products participating in the taste tests that score over 70% receive a Superior Taste Award.

La Lorraine Turkey participated with a selection of 4 top products: the baguette, the wholemeal bread, the butter croissant and the spinach borek. They won the Superior Taste Award for every product.


25 May 2019La Lorraine Bakery Group celebrates its 80th birthday in style.

In 2019, LLBG blew out 80 candles. From the milling activities pioneered by Gerard Vanherpe in Gent in 1939, the company has grown over the following eight decades into one of Europe’s market leaders in milling and baking activities.
The roots of LLBG lie in Ghent, Belgium where Gerard Vanherpe founded a flour mill – Ganda Molens – just before the Second World War in 1939. Despite the difficult start during the war years, he succeeded in expanding a successful regional mill. Over the following 80 years, the company has succeeded, through fruitful diversifications and new initiatives, in further expanding into fresh and frozen baking, shops (Panos) and into international markets.

A year of celebration

On 25 May 2019, LLBG went back to its roots in Ghent for the biggest Belgian anniversary celebration. It was an unbelievable party attended by more than 1,300 employees. 3 weeks later, the Czech colleagues welcomed more than 500 guests for their anniversary celebration in Prague. In September, there were also anniversary celebrations at the Turkish and Polish sites.
““We reached this anniversary thanks to the commitment and motivation of our colleagues. For this reason, 2019 had to be a celebratory year for them,” said Guido Vanherpe, CEO of LLBG. “In all of our production countries, our story of growth and expansion was celebrated with a joyful party for employees and clients alike.”

During the party, the guests were taken back in history; they tried a delicious anniversary bread, specially made for the occasion, and the icing on the cake: the most delicious birthday cake ever made.


26 September 2018Habbekrats House in Hamme receives carefree “Donut Worry Be Happy” room thanks to La Lorraine Bakery Group

On Monday, 17 September, the new carefree play room in the Habbekrats House in Hamme was opened with a party.

Habbekrats is a colourful youth organisation that was established throughout the country for children and young people between the ages of 8 and 18 who are in search of warmth, friendship, adventure and support. To achieve this, they opened warm houses in 11 Flemish cities where a total of 2,500 young people meet up per year.

In each house, there are uniquely decorated spaces where you can ponder both little and large matters., where there is space for discussions and studying, but also for relaxing. In the Habbekrats House in Hamme, a new worry-free play room has also been established with the theme: “Donut Worry Be Happy”.

Habbekrats founder, Chris van Lysebetten commented: “For 27 years, Habbekrats has taken care of children who have ended up on the edges of society due to being overwhelmed by worries and problems. Much time and energy is needed to help these young people and to bring them into a warm shared space.
For this reason, Habbekrats has chosen a proactive approach. The organisation focuses on vulnerable groups and intervenes before problems arise. The youth service does this by means of a resource forum where housing, camps, and projects can be found. All activities are conducted in a smooth, approachable, positive and warm environment. Just like the house in Hamme, which was able to be purchased thanks to another sponsor, Duvel-Moortgat. This beautiful house has a nice living space, but now a play house was added on with a stunt pit where young people can enjoy themselves."

The establishment of this space was sponsored by the Belgian family-owned company, La Lorraine Bakery Group. The company has supported Habbekrats for many years. “Respect for people is one of the 5 company values, which doesn’t only pertain to our employees but also to our strong engagement to community projects both locally as well as internationally,” said Guido Vanherpe, CEO of LLBG.

Donut Worry Be Happy

 The theme of this new play area wasn’t coincidentally chosen.

Guido Vanherpe explains further: “Donut Worry be Happy is a new brand from La Lorraine that represents the carefree indulgence of eating tasty donuts. We hope that the Habbekrats children are inspired by this slogan to play untroubled and happily in the new “Donut Worry be Happy” playroom and build new friendships. We wish them much luck and confidence in the future.”

Annual LLBG Athletic Weekend

The support for Habbekrats and the children lies not only in terms of infrastructure.

Last week, 9 Habbekrats kids got the chance to ride along during the company’s annual athletic weekend. They, together with 200 employees, climbed some legendary Ardennes peaks. Additionally, LLBG donated the individual contributions from all participants of the sports weekend to Habbekrats, this year a total of 10,000 euro.

6 September 2018Cyclo Challenge 2018 to Spa

From 7 – 9 September 2018, it was time for the biannual Cyclo Event.
Since we explored some epic routes abroad last year, we stayed closer to home in the Belgian Ardennes this year. We ventured to Spa and we explored the beautiful, but sometimes treacherous steep peaks of the Ardennes. Luckily, there was the professional guidance of Kortweg who figuratively and literally pushed everyone along.

On Friday noon, we welcomed approximately 225 enthusiastic sportsmen and women who, after enjoying some delicious pasta and stocking up on the necessary supplies, jumped on their bikes for the group ride to the highest point in Belgium – Signal de Botrange – at 694 metres. The sun didn't shine all the time, but the atmosphere during the ride was great.

After a hearty breakfast on Saturday, it was time for the “real work”. The programme included some tough climbs, among them the famous La Redoute, a long and steep climb that will undoubtedly not be forgotten in a hurry. But.... with the necessary encouragement and pep talk, all the participants reached the summit!

The growing number of participants that we get to welcome each year reflects the success of the LLBG Fit Together Programme. At LLGB, we believe that an active and healthy lifestyle is good for the body, the mind, for our teams and for generating a positive and successful work culture.

21 March 2018La Lorraine Bakery Group receives the “Eagle of Polish Economy” award as the best Belgian company on the Polish market

During the ceremony in the Belgian headquarters of BNP Paribas Fortis, Guido Vanherpe, CEO of La Lorraine Bakery Group, received the Eagle of Polish Economy Award in the presence of the Belgian Minister and Deputy First Minister Didier Reynders, Mr Artur Orzechowski, Ambassador of the Polish Republic, and Mr Luc Baron Vansteenkiste, Chairman of Bepolux.

Best Belgian company in Poland

This special award, a piece of art from a renowned Polish artist, was awarded by HE the Ambassador of Poland, Mr Artur Orzechowski in consultation with Bepolux, the Belgium-Poland-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce as an act of recognition for a Belgian company that has made a significant contribution to the development of the Polish economy and Polish-Belgian trade relations. For this reason, the company is regarded as “the best Belgian company in Poland”.

In 2001, La Lorraine Bakery Group initiated its sales activities in Poland as a way of introducing its baked goods to the Polish market. In 2005, it took over a Polish baking company in Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki. Since then, the Polish branch office has grown considerably.

Growth in Poland

Between 2005 and 2017, LLBG completed the construction of its state-of-the-art production site. In addition to the actual factory with 14 ultramodern production lines, the site also contains a fully automated 41 metre tall high-bay warehouse that provides room for 32,000 pallet spaces. Over the last 3 years, more than 85 million euro was invested in the Polish company.

Today, the Polish branch has a revenue of 94 million euro and more than 750 employees. La Lorraine Polska’s objectives include producing and selling innovative baked goods, such as baguettes, ciabatta, etc. on the Polish market.

In the coming years, the company will also further invest in product innovation and logistical optimisations so that La Lorraine Polska can maintain its outstanding position on the market.

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10 January 2018LLBG Poland grows

In 2017, we built a new high-bay warehouse and during 2018, a new building was also in the works provides space for two new product lines. Poland is growing, that’s for sure.

New storage facility

Our Polish branch continues to grow. In 2017, we solidified our plans and built a new high-bay. This is a warehouse that provides space for 16,680 extra pallets. This isn’t surprising once you hear that this warehouse has a surface area of 3,508 m² Here, we can work more efficiently and react more quickly to our clients’ requests.

New building, new production lines

In 2018, our growth stays on track. At the beginning of the year, we began construction of a new building with no less than 3,120 m² which will accommodate two new production lines and a sourdough plant.

29 November 2017LLBG Turkey is a great place to work!

A little while ago, our branch in Turkey was given the ‘Great Place to Work’ award.

LLBG Turkey was chosen as the winner from a pool of 92 participating companies. Fantastic news that was definitely celebrated!

22 November 2017LLBG sponsors Habbekrats

On Wednesday 22nd November 2017, Habbekrats organised the sixth edition of their film evening as a token of appreciation for their sponsors’ support.

We used this event to hand over the LLBG sponsoring cheque to Chris Van Lysebetten, General Coordinator at Habbekrats. The amount was raised by the LLBG employees through their participation in the LLBG Triathlon, which was doubled by the management. This amount will allow Habbekrats and the many young people behind this organisation to realise their dreams.

What is Habbekrats?

Habbekrats is a fabulous youth organisation which provides ‘shelter’ for children and youngsters aged from 8 up to 18 who are looking for warmth, friendship, adventure and support throughout Belgium. To provide this, Habbekrats has already established a total of 11 warm and welcoming houses to which more than 2500 young people can find their way.

Interested in further information on this promising project?

15 September 2017New Heights for LLBG

In mid September, we officially opened the highest building in all of the LLBG Group.

The Bakery Frozen branch has seen a steady growth of 15% annually, for which extra storage room was urgently needed. For this reason, an ultramodern storage warehouse was constructed.
That warehouse will be filled with finished and frozen products. The temperature in the building is a permanent -25° Celsius. Within the building, work is completed with seven fully automated cranes in a reduced oxygen environment to keep the risk of fire to an absolute minimum.

This fully automated high-bay warehouse, 44 metres high with 27,000 spaces for pallets, is the first step in the further development of a state-of-the-art site for the Bake-Off Frozen branch. In coming years, LLBG shall invest heavily to make this site in Erpe-Mere a leading production site which will serve as an example for all future LLBG developments both domestically and internationally.

10 September 2017Exercising together is more fun!

On 9 September, it was time again... The much anticipated athletic event of the year... The one and only LLBG Triathlon!

For the third time, LLBG organised the triathlon and this year was also a great success... We had the chance to welcome 155 colleagues from all European branches. Along with the quarter triathlon for the experienced participants, beginner athletes could sign up for the sprint triathlon this year.
As always, the excitement was followed by drinks, food and fun!

Organising sporting activities falls into LLBG’s philosophy; we’re convinced that you, as a company, can also play an important role in the health of your employees. Adequate exercise always makes for healthier, fitter and ultimately happier people. This is of course carried over into the workplace. That’s why we welcome all athletic activities from triathlons to bike races.

In fact, in 2018 we will take the bikes out again and we ride in the renowned cycling classic. We can’t wait to find out what the destination will be next year!

20 July 2017La Lorraine at Tomorrowland. Experience the magic

In addition to the music, food also plays a central role in Tomorrowland magic. This was personally experienced by the LLBG bakery team, consisting of 12 members. On 20th July they were all set and ready to serve the ‘People of Tomorrow’ in Dreamville with many tasty goodies.

In the early hours of the morning they baked the buns, prepared cakes ready to be served, and waited for the first early birds to arrive, even though they found their way to our bakery a bit later each day. Within several days a staggering amount of bakery products was sold: 9800 baguettes, 915 loaves of bread and 27,400 pastries, including croissants, raisin buns and other sweets. It was also evident that the partygoers were very fond of cakes as well, for at least 12,250 of them were sold.

And there is more…

This is certainly not all. In addition to what the bakery at Dreamville offered, we also provided the necessary products to the other food stands. Apart from 9200 baguettes, more than 10,000 sandwiches were consumed by the festival crew and employees. However, the people in the VIP tent could also enjoy the LLBG delights: 45,800 mini sweet bites and 91,500 hearty bites were appreciated by the guests.

As such, we can conclude: not only music contributes to the magic at Tomorrowland; the magic of good food plays a major role as well.

15 June 2017LLBG supports Youthstart

Entrepreneurship is for LLBG a key pillar for success.
On the basis of this concept, we support Youthstart.

Youthstart is an initiative which supports youngsters on a somewhat winding course. It provides them with the opportunity to fully develop their organisational skills and to test these in practice. After successfully completing the ‘entrepreneurial mindset and entrepreneurship’ course and following the further development of a business plan, no fewer than 11 students from the Oscar Romero college in Dendermonde graduated and received their ‘certificate’.

Following an official judging process headed by CEO Guido Vanherpe and HR Manager Philip Depondt, they received their certificate during a ceremony at the headquarters in Ninove.

29 April 2017Modern new production line at La Lorraine Ostend

La Lorraine Oostende is increasing its production capacity with a brand-new production line with a width of 4 metres and a length of 25 metres.

Due to the increased efficiency, the new line can produce 3000 loaves of bread per hour, using 5 employees. This new technology also leads to improved and more consistent quality.
This investment is in line with the growth strategy, whereby LLBG focuses on quality. The production line boosts the site in Oostende with extremely important expertise to enable further sustainable growth.

7 December 2016La Lorraine Bakery Group wins Family Business Award of Excellence


During the evening of 7 December 2016 in Brussels, La Lorraine Bakery Group was elected to become ambassador of the Belgian “Family Business Award of Excellence.” Ernst & Young (EY) organised this initiative together with FBN Belgium and GUBERNA, three key players committed to the development of family businesses in Belgium. The other finalists were Ardo, Puratos, Van De Velde and the Van Roey Group. Chaired by Luc De Bruyckere, the panel of judges commended La Lorraine Bakery Group in particular for its authenticity, enthusiasm and entrepreneurship, qualities forming a unifying theme within an outstanding governance structure.

This award is made in recognition of family businesses that stand out in terms of good governance both in the family and business, their vision and maintenance of family values, ensuring the entrepreneurial spirit is passed on from generation to generation, their communication strategy and social commitment.

Guido Van Herpe, La Lorraine Bakery Group CEO, was handed the award by panel member De Bruyckere. A wholly Belgian family-owned group operating in the European bakery sector, La Lorraine Bakery Group is a market leader in Belgium for the manufacture and distribution of a wide range of freshly baked bread and pastry products. It also one of the leading players for frozen bakery specialities and bread packed in a protective atmosphere. Operating in 25 countries, the group is under the management of the third generation. Employing more than 3,000 people, this fast-growing family business posted a turnover of €620 million in 2015. Their Panos store concept is the standard by which others are judged on the Belgian filled soft roll market.

Rudi Braes, Managing Partner of EY Belgium explains: “The Family Business Award of Excellence is designed first of all to pay tribute to high-performance family businesses in our country. This initiative is aimed at encouraging such businesses to share their experiences and best practices. They are the basis of, the engine behind our economy. All the finalists are excellent organisations with enviable track records and prepared to continue developing their legacies in the midst of this disruptive world.”


Rewarded for authenticity, enthusiasm and entrepreneurship

The panel of judges chose as their criteria good governance, vision and the maintenance of family values, ensuring the entrepreneurial spirit is passed on from generation to generation, the communication strategy and the social commitment of the company. Chaired by Luc De Bruyckere the panel members were Christ’l Joris, Catherine Noel, Jacques Crahay, and Matthieu Boone.

The panel chairman Luc De Bruyckere explains how the panel reached its decision: “La Lorraine Bakery Group is a copybook example of how it should be done. Its strong and clear vision for the company and family and has been remarkably successful in reflecting this vision within the structures. La Lorraine has created specific tools for ensuring that an outstanding system of governance is developed that is espoused and applied within the family and between the family and management. What is more, the enthusiasm and feelings are clearly perceptible, while the emphasis continues to be firmly placed on entrepreneurship. Excellent and timely preparations have also been made for the succession. La Lorraine is authentic and able to count on a fluent discourse. The company has demonstrated how very resilient it was in the wake of the serious fire that devastated the main registered office in 2008. Finally, it has succeeded in adopting a visionary approach to developing a controlled international presence. La Lorraine is therefore an excellent example of what we seek to highlight with this award”.

Award for Belgian family-run businesses that excel

This is the third time EY has joined forces with FBN Belgium and GUBERNA to organise the Family Business Award of Excellence. La Lorraine Bakery Group is following Reynaers Aluminium (2015) and Cosucra (2014). La Lorraine Bakery Group was also chosen to be the “Company of the Year” in 2012. As Belgian ambassador of the ‘Family Business Award of Excellence’, La Lorraine Bakery Group will represent our country during the annual Family Business Summit being held in Monte Carlo in early June.


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11 October 2016Third production line at La Lorraine Romania

Câmpia Turzii (Romania), September 30, 2016

The official launch event of La Lorraine Romania’s third production line took place on September 30th, in Câmpia Turzii. The new line is designed for the production of Kaiser Rolls.

La Lorraine Romania, a joint venture between La Lorraine Bakery Group and Macromex, is the largest and most modern frozen bakery plant in Romania. Since its official opening in November 2011, due to the high demand for convenience and premium quality, the factory has expanded to 3 production lines, which has tripled the production in the last five years.

This state-of-the art frozen bakery plant is part of an ambitious expansion plan of La Lorraine Bakery Group in fast-growing Eastern-Europe emerging markets. The new production line also implied an important expansion by 6.000 square meters of the factory and a 10 mil. Euros investment. The total investment in the Romanian factory amounts to 29 mil. Euros today.

State-of-the-art lay-out design, cutting edge technology and a highly skilled operating team make La Lorraine Romania one of the most efficient frozen bakery plants in Europe. It produces a remarkable range of breads in all shapes, textures and sizes. More than 100 types of products are being made on the 3 lines. The first line is dedicated to the production of rolls and baguettes, the second line is destined for rustic products, while the new line produces Kaiser Rolls.

Today the factory is receiving daily 80 tons of high specification flour from local mills. This makes La Lorraine Romania one of the largest clients for local suppliers.

The food safety policy is very simple for La Lorraine Bakery Group : zero tolerance. No expense is spared to make sure the products are 100% safe for consumers. Strict safety, hygiene and quality procedures are in place and every hour batches are sampled and tested. The plant has also received the IFS 6 certificate, one of the highest food standards in the world.

The 3 fully automated production lines work 24/7, with more than 30% of the energy being supplied by a solar park nearby.

The products are stored in the logistic center nearby – Edenia Distribution Center, the highest frozen high bay in Europe. From there they are shipped to customers in Romania and across several other countries, ranging from modern and traditional retailers to HORECA clients. In Romania, the products can be found in the biggest chain stores but also in foodservice.

From a small team of 28 members, La Lorraine Romania has now become one of the largest employers in the region. The highly qualified local team shares the knowledge of the entire La Lorraine Bakery Group through sustained trainings several times a year. They carry on the group’s superior quality standards, expertise and passion for bread.

Guido Vanherpe CEO La Lorraine Bakery Group en Dan Minulescu CEO Macromex

22 September 2016Inauguration new state-of-the-art bakery plant

Manisa (Turkey), September 22nd, 2016

La Lorraine Bakery Group is proud to officially inaugurate its new frozen bakery plant in Manisa.

The state-of-the art frozen production plant is part of an ambitious expansion plan of La Lorraine Bakery Group in fast-growing emerging markets such as Eastern-Europe and Turkey.

The investment of 23 million Euro (100 Million Turkish lira) in the new Manisa plant will allow La Lorraine Turkey to be a pioneer of high-quality frozen bakery (or 'bake-off') products and to become a leading bakery company offering to the Turkish consumers a wide choice of innovative bakery products, such as French baguettes, bread rolls, artisan breads and ciabatta.

The ‘Bake-off’ technology allows supermarkets and foodservice (HORECA) customers to offer top quality and freshly baked bakery products to their clients at affordable prices.

La Lorraine Turkey

La Lorraine Turkey was created in 2013 as a frozen Bakery import & sales division of La Lorraine Bakery Group. In 2014 La Lorraine Turkey started supplying the Migros retail chain with a complete assortment of frozen part-baked Bakery products, which are baked every day to ultimate freshness in each of the supermarket stores.

In 2015 the company started developing a network of frozen distributor's to supply its foodservice (HORECA Hotel restaurant and Cafeteria) customers in and around the main Turkish cities, such as Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, (Bursa), Bodrum, Antalya, Bursa, Adana and (Mersin).

The newly built plant starts its operation with one fully automated bread line(s). In the future the plant can increase its capacity with 6 additional bakery lines to widen its assortment in breads, croissants and savory products.

La Lorraine Turkey will employ 80 (around 100) people by the end of 2016.

In the next 5 years the La Lorraine Turkey expects to invest another 20 mio Euro (100 million Turkish Lira) in production capacity extension and will increase the number of employees to 150 people.

La Lorraine Bakery Group

La Lorraine Bakery Group is a 100% Belgian family-based group, which is active in Milling and Bakery. It was created in 1939 and was able to build in the last 77 years a unique expertise in bakery.

Today the group has become one of the leading companies in the European bakery industry thanks to a dynamic international expansion and innovation strategy. It has been in particular successful to expand its frozen Bakery business in Eastern Europe & Turkey. La Lorraine Bakery Group employs over 3150 employees and will achieve in 2016 a consolidated turnover of about 675 mio Euro. The group has 12 modern bakery plants of which 8 are located in Belgium and 3 in CEE countries (Poland, Czech Republic and Romania). In 2016 the group has opened its newest frozen bakery plant in Turkey.

Entrepreneur of the Year 2012 - Belgium

In 2012 La Lorraine Bakery Group received the Award of ‘Entrepreneur of the year 2012 – Belgium’, thanks to its successful growth and innovation strategy during the last decades.

20 September 2016HighBay Erpe-Mere

In September 2016, Guido Vanherpe gave an interview to KanaalZ concerning the construction of the Highbay in Erpe-Mere (in Dutch).

Discover the short movie here.