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Launch of Leffe bread

Brussels – Three Belgian companies have decided to join forces for a new solidarity project in this time of crisis. Delhaize, La Lorraine Bakery Group and AB InBev jointly developed two exclusive breads made with Leffe Blond and Leffe Bruin. For every five loaves sold in the Delhaize stores, the three brands will donate a family loaf (800g) to the Belgian Food Banks, who need it more than ever during this corona crisis.

In these difficult times, solidarity is more important than ever. That is why three Belgian companies have decided to work together on a project full of meaning... and beer!

Delhaize, La Lorraine Bakery Group and AB InBev join forces to offer Belgians the first bread "à la Leffe". In times when donations of food and drinks are limited due to less unsold goods in the shops, it is important to find a solution to support these organizations more than ever.

"For many years, Delhaize has organized a large annual food collection for the benefit of the 9 Food Banks and their 618 affiliated local associations that distribute free food to the more than 170,000 people in need. We wanted to strengthen this support at this particular time through this project", explains Charlotte De Vroey, Head of Sustainability at Delhaize.
“Launch of an exclusive bread made with Leffe Blond
or Leffe Brown. For every 5 loaves of bread sold at Delhaize, 1 loaf is donated to the Food Banks.”   

Delhaize, La Lorraine Bakery Group and AB InBev have therefore developed 2 new loaves, where beer replaces the water in the list of ingredients. In addition, the three Belgian companies undertake to donate 1 family loaf to the Food Banks for every 5 loaves sold. Emma Pieters, Senior Brand Manager AB InBev BeLux: "Due to the temporary closure of the cafes and restaurants, we have thought about a creative solution for our Leffe barrels that are still in our stock. Based on our strong abbey tradition, Leffe is happy to support charities where we can and do something in return for society. Thanks to this beautiful and creative collaboration between AB InBev, Delhaize and La Lorraine, we are able - by donating free loaves of bread to the Food Banks - to help the most vulnerable in our society." 

These two breads (Leffe Blond bread and Leffe Brown multigrain bread) are baked in the traditional way with pure and Belgian ingredients in one of La Lorraine's workshops in Belgium. "For La Lorraine Bakery Group, reducing food waste is an absolute priority in our sustainability strategy", says Guido Vanherpe, CEO of La Lorraine Bakery Group. “When AB InBev let us know that they were looking for a destination for the Leffe that was unused due to the closure of the catering industry, we immediately explored the idea of using the beer to make bread! A traditional and local bread, a unique recipe developed and passionately made by our local bakers in Barchon, with Belgian flour and an emblematic Belgian beer, sold in the Belgian Delhaize supermarkets. But also a bread with a message: we want to help people who are struggling in this crisis and for whom their daily bread means a lot. That's why we also donate family breads to the Food Banks as part of this campaign.”

Jozef Mottar, managing director of the Belgian Federation of Food Banks, reacts enthusiastically: "On behalf of the Belgian Food Banks, the 618 affiliated local associations, the thousands of volunteers and all the people who call on free food aid, I would like to sincerely thank Delhaize, La Lorraine Bakery Group and AB Inbev for this beautiful action. Since bread is an important basic product for everyone, the initiative to support us in the noble cause that is ours can only be applauded. This beautiful gesture of solidarity is heartwarming and motivates us even more to continue our efforts in the fight against hunger in our country, which is unfortunately increasing in this corona virus crisis."

The two Leffe loaves will be clearly recognizable by a wafer with the Leffe logo that can be found on the fresh loaves in the bakery department. Customers who want to show their generosity and support this solidarity initiative can find these loaves in the Delhaize stores from Thursday May 7 at a price of 2.29 euros.


New LLBG booth for fairs

For the first time, La Lorraine Bakery Group united several of its brands at a food fair. Instead of separate booths for La Lorraine, Panesco and Donut Worry Be Happy, we created a common booth with LLBG logo and colors. The new design was successfully launched at Anuga in Cologne (October), and afterwards during Horeca Expo in Ghent (November).

192 m² big

The LLBG booth at Horeca Expo was 192 m² big and was situated, like every year, right near the main entrance of the fair. For five days long, the LLBG team of sales managers, chefs and catering welcomed (potential) customers. They also presented about 40 new products, such as our new biological bread and American pancakes. But our statement piece was without a doubt the donut wall with 188 colorful donuts of our brand Donut Worry Be Happy!


LLBG donates to youth organization

During the 8th edition of the annual movie night by youth organisation Habbekrats, La Lorraine Bakery Group handed over a cheque of 10,000 euro. LLBG has been a loyal sponsor for years and this year also, General Coordinator Chris Van Lysebetten received a great amount to help Habbekrats realize the dreams of thousands of youngsters.
The movie night took place on Wednesday 20 November in movie theatre Kinepolis Gent. Hundreds of guests and partners of Habbekrats attended the avant-premiere of the movie ‘The Good Liar’. Among them were about 25 LLBG-employees. The appetizers provided by our brands ‘Panos’ and ‘Tarte à moi’ were well appreciated!

What is Habbekrats?

Habbekrats is a youth organization which supports children and youngsters from the age of 8 up to 18 all over Belgium. It offers them shelter, warmth, friendship and adventure. Habbekrats has established a total of 13 welcoming houses where annually more than 2,500 kids and youngsters come together. 80 days a year they also organize youth camps.
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