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La Lorraine Turkey wins the “Superior Taste Award” for every participating product.

Since 2005, the Taste Institute has assessed over 15,000 food and beverage products from around the world.
The jury of prestigious Chefs & Sommeliers and the strict testing methodology has contributed to the Superior Taste Award, the most renowned independent certification in the world, based 100% on TASTE.

Products participating in the taste tests that score over 70% receive a Superior Taste Award.

La Lorraine Turkey participated with a selection of 4 top products: the baguette, the wholemeal bread, the butter croissant and the spinach borek. They won the Superior Taste Award for every product.



80 years of shared passion

In 2019, LLBG blew out 80 candles. From the milling activities pioneered by Gerard Vanherpe in Gent in 1939, the company has grown over the following eight decades into one of Europe’s market leaders in milling and baking activities.
The roots of LLBG lie in Ghent, Belgium where Gerard Vanherpe founded a flour mill – Ganda Molens – just before the Second World War in 1939. Despite the difficult start during the war years, he succeeded in expanding a successful regional mill. Over the following 80 years, the company has succeeded, through fruitful diversifications and new initiatives, in further expanding into fresh and frozen baking, shops (Panos) and into international markets.

A year of celebration

On 25 May 2019, LLBG went back to its roots in Ghent for the biggest Belgian anniversary celebration. It was an unbelievable party attended by more than 1,300 employees. 3 weeks later, the Czech colleagues welcomed more than 500 guests for their anniversary celebration in Prague. In September, there were also anniversary celebrations at the Turkish and Polish sites.
““We reached this anniversary thanks to the commitment and motivation of our colleagues. For this reason, 2019 had to be a celebratory year for them,” said Guido Vanherpe, CEO of LLBG. “In all of our production countries, our story of growth and expansion was celebrated with a joyful party for employees and clients alike.”

During the party, the guests were taken back in history; they tried a delicious anniversary bread, specially made for the occasion, and the icing on the cake: the most delicious birthday cake ever made.



Carefree playground for Habbekrats

On Monday, 17 September, the new carefree play room in the Habbekrats House in Hamme was opened with a party.

Habbekrats is a colourful youth organisation that was established throughout the country for children and young people between the ages of 8 and 18 who are in search of warmth, friendship, adventure and support. To achieve this, they opened warm houses in 11 Flemish cities where a total of 2,500 young people meet up per year.

In each house, there are uniquely decorated spaces where you can ponder both little and large matters., where there is space for discussions and studying, but also for relaxing. In the Habbekrats House in Hamme, a new worry-free play room has also been established with the theme: “Donut Worry Be Happy”.

Habbekrats founder, Chris van Lysebetten commented: “For 27 years, Habbekrats has taken care of children who have ended up on the edges of society due to being overwhelmed by worries and problems. Much time and energy is needed to help these young people and to bring them into a warm shared space.
For this reason, Habbekrats has chosen a proactive approach. The organisation focuses on vulnerable groups and intervenes before problems arise. The youth service does this by means of a resource forum where housing, camps, and projects can be found. All activities are conducted in a smooth, approachable, positive and warm environment. Just like the house in Hamme, which was able to be purchased thanks to another sponsor, Duvel-Moortgat. This beautiful house has a nice living space, but now a play house was added on with a stunt pit where young people can enjoy themselves."

The establishment of this space was sponsored by the Belgian family-owned company, La Lorraine Bakery Group. The company has supported Habbekrats for many years. “Respect for people is one of the 5 company values, which doesn’t only pertain to our employees but also to our strong engagement to community projects both locally as well as internationally,” said Guido Vanherpe, CEO of LLBG.

Donut Worry Be Happy

 The theme of this new play area wasn’t coincidentally chosen.

Guido Vanherpe explains further: “Donut Worry be Happy is a new brand from La Lorraine that represents the carefree indulgence of eating tasty donuts. We hope that the Habbekrats children are inspired by this slogan to play untroubled and happily in the new “Donut Worry be Happy” playroom and build new friendships. We wish them much luck and confidence in the future.”

Annual LLBG Athletic Weekend

The support for Habbekrats and the children lies not only in terms of infrastructure.

Last week, 9 Habbekrats kids got the chance to ride along during the company’s annual athletic weekend. They, together with 200 employees, climbed some legendary Ardennes peaks. Additionally, LLBG donated the individual contributions from all participants of the sports weekend to Habbekrats, this year a total of 10,000 euro.