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Carefree playground for Habbekrats

Habbekrats is a colorful youth organization that cares for children and young people from 8 to 18 years, looking for warmth, friendship, adventure and help.

To achieve their goals, they benefit in “warm welcoming houses” across 11 different Flemish cities from where a total of 2500 young people can meet.

In each house there are original decorated spaces where you can marvel at small and large things, where there is room for conversations and study, but also for relaxation. Recently in the house in Hamme, they have a new playground decorated in the theme: "Donut Worry Be Happy"

The decoration of this play ground was sponsored by La Lorraine Bakery Group. 

The relation  between LLBG and Habbekrats goes back many years. "Respect for people is one of the 5 corporate values, in which we do not only take care of our own staff, but also take long term commitment in community projects both locally and internationally" says Guido Vanherpe, CEO of LLBG.

Donut Worry Be Happy

The theme of this new play space is not chosen at random.

Guido Vanherpe clarifies further: "Donut Worry be Happy is a new brand of La Lorraine that represents the carefree enjoyment of tasty donuts. We hope that the Habbekrats children will be inspired by this slogan in the new 'Donut Worry be Happy ' playground  and that they can play happily without worries. We wish them good luck and lots of trust in the future."‚Äč

Yearly LLBG sports weekend

But our support for Habbekrats is not only expressed in terms of infrastructure. 

At the beginning of September, 9 Habbekrats youngsters were invited to join the yearly LLBG sports weekend. Together with 200 LLBG employees they climbed some of the most legendary Ardennes hills. 
In addition the company also donated all individual contributions of the sport participants to a total of 10,000 euro.


Best Belgian company on the Polish market

In the presence of Belgium’s Deputy Prime Minister Didier Reynders, Mr. Artur Orzechowski, Ambassador of the Republic of Poland and Mr. Luc Baron Vansteenkiste, President of Bepolux, the Belgian company La Lorraine Bakery Group obtained the POLISH ECONOMIC EAGLE during a ceremony in the headquarters of BNP Paribas Fortis on Wednesday March 21st in Brussels.

Best Belgian company on the Polish market

The Polish Economic Eagle is awarded by H.E. the Ambassador of the Republic of Poland, in concertation with the Belgian Polish Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce, as an appreciation for a Belgian company with outstanding business achievement in Poland and qualifying as “Best Belgian Company in Poland”.

During this ceremony, the award - an artwork of a Polish renowned artist - has been handed over to Mr. Guido Vanherpe, CEO of La Lorraine Bakery Group, by Mr. Didier Reynders, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs and H.E. Mr. Artur Orzechowski, Ambassador of the Republic of Poland to the Kingdom of Belgium.

Path to growth

La Lorraine Bakery Group started selling bakery products in Poland in 2001. In 2005 it took over the Polish bakery company in Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki. Ever since the Polish branch knows a strong growth.

Between 2005 and 2017 LLBG developed a complete state-of-the-art production site. In addition to the factory with 14 ultramodern production lines, a fully automatic high-bay warehouse of 41 meters high with storage for 32,000 pallets is included on this site. In total, over 85 M euro has been invested over the last three years.

Today, this Polish branch has a turnover of 94 M euro and it employs over 750 people. The mission of La Lorraine Polska is to produce and sell innovative bakery products, such as baguettes, ciabatta, etc. on the Polish market.

In the coming years, the company will further invest in product innovations and logistic optimizations in order to keep her excellent market position in Poland.

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LLBG Poland is growing

In 2017 we built a new high-bay warehouse. In 2018 we have also planned a new building, which will provide adequate space for 2 new production lines. Poland is growing and that news may certainly be shared.

New warehouse

Our Polish affiliate continues to grow impressively. In 2017 we realised our plans and built a new high bay. This warehouse allows ample room for 16,680 additional pallets. This is not surprising given the fact that the floor surface of the warehouse is 3508 square metres. This allows us to work even more efficiently, and to be able to react more quickly to our clients demands. 

New building – new production lines

In 2018 we continue to follow the road to expansion. Early this year we started on the construction of a new building, with a respectable size of 3120 square metres, in which 2 new production lines and 1 yeast plant will be housed.